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ViewAsian was a website that provided a platform for users to stream Asian dramas and movies. It was part of a group of similar websites, including KissAsian, DramaCool, and WatchAsian, which were popular among fans of Asian entertainment. ViewAsian, in particular, focused on offering a wide range of content from various Asian countries, including South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

In conclusion, ViewAsian was once a popular choice for fans of Asian dramas and movies. However, it faced legal and security challenges and eventually declined in relevance as users shifted towards legitimate streaming alternatives. This shift reflects the broader trend in the online streaming industry towards supporting licensed content and adhering to copyright laws.

In recent years, Asian dramas have gained immense popularity worldwide, attracting a diverse global audience. Thanks to the internet, fans can access a plethora of Asian dramas through various online platforms. Among these platforms, KissAsian, DramaCool, WatchAsian, and ViewAsian have emerged as prominent websites offering a wide range of Asian dramas and movies. In this article, we will explore these platforms, discussing their features, offerings, and the role they play in the global Asian drama community.


KissAsian is one of the most well-known Asian drama streaming websites. It offers an extensive library of dramas, movies, and variety shows from various Asian countries, including South Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Some key features of KissAsian include:


DramaCool is another popular website for Asian drama enthusiasts. It specializes in providing a diverse selection of dramas and movies, with a focus on Korean and Chinese content. Here are some notable aspects of DramaCool:


WatchAsian is a website that primarily focuses on Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas. It has gained a dedicated following among fans of these specific Asian dramas. Key features of WatchAsian include: